October 12, 2004:

The 2004 ART AWARDS winner have been named, and are temporarily revealed at the Awards message board! Click the link above (with the orange star) to view them! Shortly I will create a specific webpage for them at the Awards site itself.

What is the My Little Pony Awards?
You've heard of the Grammys, the Academy Awards, and to a lesser extent the Golden Globes... Well hey! The online My Little Pony community also has an organization that honors the best work done in honor of our four-legged friends. The My Little Pony Awards aims to be such an orgnization. Real, physical awards ["the Echo"] are given to the winner of every awards category. The people of the MLP community will submit their work for condsideration for these awards. Nominees and winners are decided by both community-wide public voting ["peoples' choice"] and by a Panel of experts.

How does the My Little Pony Awards work?
Each Awards classification (Customs, Websites, Art, and Fanfiction) itself has two different kinds of categories: Peoples' Choice and Technical awards. The people of the online community send in their work for consideration in both kinds of categories.

For the Peoples' Choice categories, a "Panel of Experts" (which is chosen by the community through an election process) looks at all submitted work, and narrows those submissions to a pool of 20 nominees for each category. The People then decide on the official 5 nominees from each list of 20 by casting a vote. The People then pick the winner in each category from their chosen 5 nominees.

For Technical awards, the Panel will choose the top 5 nominees in each category. These nominees will be displayed alongside peoples' choice nominees, and a winner will be chosen by the panelists only.

Another important group of people in the Awards process is the Vote Counters. Vote Counters are respected and reliable members of the pony community whose job is to count all incoming votes from the Panel and the People, but they serve another important job too. Their implementation ensures that everything in the Awards remains on the up-and-up and running smoothely.

Who is eligible for the My Little Pony Awards?
EVERYONE. If you are a member of the My Little Pony Community, you are eligible to submit your *My Little Pony based* work to the Awards. Everyone has a fair shot at winning. Whether you are a panelist, a vote counter, or just an MLP fan, your work counts! The My Little Pony Awards honors pre-existing work; this is not a "contest" for which work is specifically commisioned.

What is the "Echo"?
"Echo" is the name of the statue given to every MLP Awards winner. Yes, one is given for every category! ::grins::

(Click on the thumbnail to view full sized pictures.)

Its name is a metaphor: "The Online My Little Pony Community's praise is echoed back to you in the form of this golden Pony." The statue is always a collector's pose pony.

What is the "Panel"?
The Panel is a group of 5 experts in each Awards classification, chosen by the people of the community through an election process, that decides the winners of Technical awards. The Panel also narrows down the nominees for each Peoples' Choice category, at which point the People take over, voting for the final nominees and eventually the category winners.

What is "Peoples' Choice"?
Peoples' Choice awards are those categories in which the people of the community decide the final nominees and respective winners.

If you have any questions about the awards, please read through the site completely first. If you still have a question, please feel free to email Spoosh by clicking here.